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Deconstructed suits, dress shirts, and ties, 2022

96" x 24" x 3'; 20" x 10" x 10"


Within the Mennonite belief system service and care for others is one of the key tenants. As I’ve been reflecting on the Mennonite history of service for my thesis project, I’ve noticed the different ways men and women serve. For men, it is often outward facing, focusing on structural issues. For women, it is usually more inward focused, in the home. This piece hopes to address the relationship between these different forms of service, and the ways women’s service in the home is often overshadowed by the work of men. This piece consists of an iron and ironing board, objects historically used only by women, made from mens dress shirts and suits. Ironing is also important to quilting, one of the most visible forms of expression Mennonite women have.

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